Drawing is still really important for designers and is one of the most important skills that employers will look for in your portfolio. Good drawing skills are at the heart of good design, start your journey to greatness here:

To improve you need to sketch, sketch and sketch some more:

If you want to improve your drawing skills – download and work through this booklet:

These sheets, from DATA, will help you produce great perspective drawings.

The white lines show you 3D space on the sheet. Sketch freely within this.

When you’ve finished your drawing, photocopy the sheet and the white lines and faint background will disappear. You can then add colour or continue drawing on the copy, safe in the knowledge that if you mess up you can copy it again and have another go.

The sheets have been designed to cover a range of different design activities:

  1. For 3D objects – products, craft items, furniture – a 3 point perspective grid
  2. For interiors and architecture – a 1 point perspective grid
  3. For planning animations, films, product use stories–a story board grid
  4. For cars, trains, boats, interiors, furniture – a 2 point perspective grid
  5. For space planning, interiors, architecture and large products – a 3 point perspective grid

There are also sheets on ellipse construction and 3 point perspective construction.

Drawing Skills: Powerpoints

FabLab Students: