About the author

My name is Mr. Elphick (d.TEC@fablab.blog) and I am a Design & Technology (d.TEC) teacher at Sutton Grammar School for Boys (SGS). I wanted to develop the D&T club (that I run in my own free time) into a Fab Lab! Fabrication Lab or Fabulous Lab…whatever it is I’d like to put some “va-va-voom!” into it!

This is also my e-notebook – interesting people and ideas for future projects.

What is the Fab Lab?

The FabLab – set up to inspire students  and student entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into prototypes and prototypes into reality using design & technology!

 Fab Lab Charter


You can use the FabLab to make almost anything (that doesn’t hurt anyone); you must learn to do it yourself, and you must share use of the lab with others.


Training in the FabLab is based on doing projects, self-learning and learning from your peers; you’re also expected to contribute to the resources supplied: it is not a free for all!


You are responsible for:

  • Safety: Knowing how to work safely without hurting yourself or other people and without destroying the equipment or machines.
  • Cleaning up: You must leave the Fab Lab cleaner than you found it.
  • Operations: Assisting with maintaining, repairing, and reporting on broken tools, supplies, and accidents.


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