Sometimes you’re reminded why you became a teacher: I asked the boys to develop their own learning power through designing/writing  a piece of learning material based on the Musical Moneybox Project. Nearly every one was great but the website produced by Keeran Kirubakaran (7.3) was brilliant! Another piece of fantastic work was the powerpoint produced by Soham Sud (7.5). Both […]

Exemplar PIR light project!

A group in Tanzania install solar powered strobe lights on the enclosures (bomas) where domestic animals and livestock are kept at night to repel all sorts of predators. The strobe lights disorientates and deters lions, leopards, hyaenas and even elephant! [ website ]

Why Should I Study Design And Technology?

Do you love solving problems and being creative? Or perhaps you just keep coming up with great ideas but don’t know what to do with them? If that’s the case, studying design and technology could be for you! And it can open you up to a lot of career choices. Design skills and the ability to […]